Adrian Holme – MA Art and Science / BA Illustration Lecturer

With a scientific background, Adrian Holme’s practice is informed by his experiences through his studying and working in this discipline. During an interview with him, he explained that although he tries to be eclectic in his interests, there is an underlying engagement with biology, and more recently chemistry and physics.

It can be said that many artworks which try to involve science attempt to simplify its’ complexity to make it more understandable and therefore accessible to the public. Adrian Holme, however, never sees his work as being didactic about science but more working with concepts or ideas that are kin to this subject.


Whilst showing an example (see above image), Windpipe (2000), he explained that he tries to reference a connection between buildings and the body. The use of the chimney and balloons become a metaphor for the trachea, physically representing the movement of air from the lungs, or in this case, the building.

It was very interesting discussing the ideas and processes of the making which outline the work by Adrian Holme. For the group, we were able to discover another approach to how Art and Science can be combined. For some a connection to the inspiration of human biology can be obvious, however it can be open to interpretation.

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