Reflection of the Anatomy Course

Recently, my fellow peers from across UAL and I participated in the Kings College anatomy course. This was an unique opportunity to talk to professionals in the medical industry, while learning a range of techniques that are used in medical art.

Being at Kings college allowed artists to view a diverse range of specimens and engage with a more hands on approach. This was a wonderful experience to be able to study the textures and details of the human body as well as identifying their abnormalities. The course leader Eleanor Crook, historically a lecturer at UAL Central Saint Martins, now specialises primarily in wax sculptures has been a leading tutor at Kings College for over a decade. We learnt the key components of the body and how they work while also understanding the historical context of medical art and key artists that challenged the practice.

As the course progressed, we moved away from examining jarred specimens to drawing cadavers (dead bodies) in the dissecting laboratory. This enabled me to closely study the internal features of the human body; understanding why medical art is so necessary for the present day. Talking to Eleanor Crook allowed me to address peoples concerns of balancing art and science whilst understanding how she overcame these limitations that arose in the medical art practice. One of the main highlights of the course was experimenting with wax. Layering this different medium onto a plaster cast skull was more engaging than the drawing aspect of the course. It enabled us to learn the different names and functions of the facial muscles, whilst getting stuck in.

The anatomy course was a unique experience which has extended my knowledge of human development in my own practice. Overall, I feel that any artists wanting to challenge the notion of art and science should participate in the course.

Below you will see art works drawn by me and and two fellow artist in 4D2PS




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