4D2PS Says Hello,

Who are we?

We are a collective of like-minded individuals all in second year at Camberwell College of Art in London who want to explore how we can effectively and interestingly combine Art and Science. Alongside movements such as ‘BioArt’, we would like to learn and discover whether science can be art, and vice versa; finding out whether there is a gap between them and if there is a way of closing it. Inspired by artists such as Rob Kesseler and Eleanor Crook, we aim to challenge the traditional use of media to provide a discussion on alternative materials and their potential uses. You as the viewer can follow our journey of experimentation – as this blog represents a forum for the collective research and artwork of our combined interest – which may, in the end, lead to some sort of publication or interactive workshop – it’s really too far in advance to tell.

So, enjoy this read as much as we have enjoyed making it!