Making a Zine

To document the Scout workshops, we decided to make two zines displaying these different outcomes. One consisted of microscopic images taken by the children with a hand held microscope, the other containing printed microscopic images of snake skin manipulated with the use of various media. The zines are colourful and playful in-keeping with the our intention to make art and science accessible to children. This also represents our attempt to understand how they were able to engage with these disciplines.

Out of hundreds of microscopic photos, we narrowed them down to the images that produced the biggest reactions and interest from the Scout kids. Although with a distorted quality, we were still able to discern what some of the images were. Similar to our experience with the Hunterian Museum and the Anatomy Course, it was amusing to be subjected to their addiction to morbid imagery (finger cut) because they piloted the hand-held microscope.

By talking to Dr Darren Nesbeth, making a zine seems only natural as even the best scientists document their findings in publications. In regards to this project, we have concluded that the children are as important to this project, so deserve a momento of the experience – which hopefully we will be providing in the coming weeks.

Zine of the microscopic snakeskin colouring-in



Zine of microscopic pictures;


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