Art and Science – A Perspective of a Medical Student  

By conversing with a forth year medical student, Ams Blenkinsop, studying at King’s College London, we found a first person perpective on the modern views of how art interacts with science

When you look at figurative art, do you view it from a medical perspective? 

AB: Yes, I find it helps a lot when I’m trying to sketch as well!

Have you ever considered teaming up with artists to further your knowledge of medicine?

AB: Yes but I don’t have a lot of spare time because of my course.

As medicine and technology are constantly advancing, do you think anatomical drawings and sculptures are a good source of information?

AB: Yes, I prefer using drawn textbooks because I find them easier to understand anatomy from. I can relate to that because seeing cadavers and live surgeries is hugely different from textbooks; real life offers way more anatomical variation. It’s way harder understanding anatomy without cadaver experience!

How has art influenced your practice?

AB: I don’t think it has influenced my practice so much, but I find I enjoy art much more because of my experience in anatomy.

Do you think artists can educate the public in a more playful manner?

AB: I can imagine that art would be very helpful to members of the public as it provides a much less gory and possibly a more easily understandable representation of the human anatomy

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