Interview Questions for Eleanor Crook

To what extent do you feel you’re allowed to be contemporary in your practice?

How do you feel your practice is challenging art & science?

Have you noticed a change in the techniques and styles of medical art since the start of your career?

How has your practice changed medical art?

How do you see your own practice in relation to other artist in the same field?

What is your favourite medium? And why?

Why did you choose medical art?

What has been your most accomplished piece of work? And why?

Do you feel like you create work that is controversial? If so why?

Do you feel that there are many limitations in your practice?

How do you feel you have overcome these limitations?

What is the most challenging part of your work?

As an artist what are your main inspirations & how have you incorporated these inspirations into your practice

How would you like people to engage with medical art in the future?

With technology growing how do you feel the medical art practice will change?

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