Fruit Leather Workshop

Having used Fruit Leather in the past, there has been a realisation that this material is widely unknown. Through the process of dehydration the internal flesh of kiwis, with added honey, solidifies into a thin malleable layer after staying in the oven for around 5 hours at 60-70°C.


From this, we made individual cells and began to make our own skin. The translucent structure becomes reminiscent of the microscopic images that we have previously taken. The previously unknown intrinsic characteristics of the kiwi can now be easily viewed.


The main workshop with the Scouts provided a hands-on experience. Alongside using the microscope, we were able to provide a platform for the kids to reflect on what they had seen and discovered using the Fruit Leather. As a group, we wanted to try out different ways of working, by using different materials. Through these workshops, between 4D2PS and the Cubs, Beavers and Scouts, we were able to take our intention to collaborate even further, producing work with others who do not always engage with art, or even microscopes.

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