Marbling Textures

In this workshop we attempted to illustrate a range of natural textures for example wood, plants, and rocks that were photographed around Kew Gardens. The main objective for this workshop was to see how the natural chemical reactions of the marbling  ink would react with the manipulation of the artist. This was to further understand how to convey art and science; the workshop focused on an area of texture in each given photo whilst relinquishing control of the medium. In turn, this created a body of work that became sporadic and unpredictable to imitate the characteristics of the textures.

The main inspiration for this workshop derived from the teachings of Wabi Sabi, you can find out more here!!


This is a development of the microscope workshop 4D2PS hosted. As shown in the images below, I have layered up the different patterns and compositions produced by this process, using both Marbling and Indian ink. The tiers of canvas have been used to reflect and engage with the features of snake skin, first discovered at the beginning of this project.


These were the images that were given out to members of 4D2PS to begin the workshop.

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