Cyantoype Workshop

For my workshop I wanted to teach everyone how to make photograms (a process in which the image is created without a camera) using the light sensitive chemical process of Cyanotype. Cyanotype is a photographic process in which any type of material is coated in a mixture consisting of toxic compounds (Potassium Ferricyannide and Ammonium Iron Cirtrate). These chemicals are light sensitive and turn cyan-coloured (blue) after being exposed to ultraviolet light from either a UV light-box or sunlight.

Though originally I was planning to hold this workshop outside with the other members of 4D2PS, unfortunately the poor weather conditions meant that I ended up taking objects from my group and printing them in the Camberwell Photography Darkroom, using the specially designed light-box. Here is what happened:

These images show coated canvas and paper. The solution is always green in colour before being exposed.


The objects are positioned on the dried, coated paper and then placed in a light-box.


An example of an exposed image. The coated canvas, as you can see below, has turned a darker colour after being exposed.


These are washed and exposed final images – hanging to dry.


cyancyan2 2cyan2Scan 10

Scans of final images of string, plastic, and knitting needles.

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