Alistair McClymont

“It has become clear to me that my practice is closely entangled with the methodology of scientists. I see a close link with the way artists and scientists view the world, the process of engagement and discovery that drives their work. It is important to me to continue to seek out and talk to scientific institutions and scientists themselves to drive my own personal investigation into phenomena that has become a key part of my practice.”


‘The Limitations of Logic and the Absence of Absolute Certainty’ (2008)

During an Artist Talk with Alistair McClymont, he discussed that stereotypically artists become inspired by and look into science from the periphery. Generally, people treat subjects prejudicially, where they are only seen to have one definition – not allowing an integration between different disciplines. His practice reveals processes through collaborating with scientists, fusing knowledge and its tangibility, with an aim to reproduce and reflect his feeling of the sublime onto the viewer.



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