Microscope images… Taking it one step further

After the success of quickly looking through the microscope in our university canteen, we decided to take advantage of this technology by making this a first full group activity. To make sure that the images looked professional, we darkened a seminar room that became ideal after a decision was made to project the images onto a wall to subsequently draw them. We set ourselves the tasks of sourcing objects that we individually thought would be interesting to look at. From sponges to dried fruit, we were each given a turn with the microscope and camera; thus a plateaux of different images were created – too many that it became impossible to discern who produced which image.

Drawing onto to the image was provided as a substitute for members who were not using the microscope – as unfortunately we only had one. Here we just wanted to try and find interesting shapes/sections of images that would eventually merge together on different pieces of paper. As we are a group with different talents, it became only reasonable to allow us to express ourselves through different media, for example chalk and pen. Though the final images were slightly haphazard (probably due to the fact we were drawing on a vertical surface), this activity became a nice way to bond and has subsequently become the starting point to some of our later group activities.

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