The Gordon Museum

Though there are some who would dispute this claim, The Gorden Museum is unique. It is necessary for doctors and artists alike in regards to research and teaching. This museum, dedicated purely to human specimens, respectfully showcases the outcomes of various diseases, extinct and otherwise.


At first it was daunting and unsettling, looking at all these jarred specimens, as they provided a detailed and unrestricted view of parts that are better left inside the body. Yet the more time I spent here, the more interesting this museum became as the 360 degree view along with the lectures by Eleanor Crook brought to life things that I had only read about in books. The jars in the end created the perfect barrier between reality and sculpture, unlike the dissection room, allowing me to instead focus and draw without being too queasy. When the end came I stopped thinking about them as cancerous lungs or the kidneys. The only daunting detail of these few trips was the personal promise from the museum’s caretaker, that you would replace any part if you destroyed it.

Eleanor Crook


Just to put into perspective the tutor of this course

Here is her website if anyone is interested…

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